Balanced Diet

Here in this page how to have a balanced diet will be explained and there will also be an example about how to have a balanced diet and how can a balanced diet be helpful.

Balanced Diet

This is the video shows how people should take more care of their health and how they can maintain their body healthy

What is a balanced diet?

A balanced diet is how all nutrients are put ORGANISED in the main meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner, the person eats depending on what his/her body and health needs to have a healthy body and healthy lifestyle. It has to have proper quantity of carbohydrates, fats, fiber, protein, vitamins, water and calcium.

But what makes a balanced diet?

What makes a balanced diet is to eat a variety or an assortment of nutrients, to eat the right amount of what is needed for your body and health, although most of the nutrients have to be sorted in mostly what is needed for each body, however, the “change” in the daily life exercises may need extra amounts of some of particular nutrients like proteins and carbohydrates.


Day Meal Amount of calories
1 Bread+Eggs+Yoghurt 530
2 Tuna Sandwich 251
3 Roti Canai with cheese 163


Day Meal Amount of calories
1 Cooked meat+Salad+Coke 324
2 Rice+Cooked peas and carrots+Mango Juice+ Chocolate 590
3 Chicken Sandwich+Fried potatoes+ Coke 777


Day Meal Amount of calories
1 Apple 88
2 Cheese+bread 601
3 Tuna Sandwhich 521

Diet made By me:

Think my diet was pretty good, although it is not excellent and might be not that healthy like other people’s diet. I can improve by different ways. First, some other vitamins like fruits and vegetables should be added to take care of health. Second, Proteins are also necessary in my diet because usually I don’t eat much of meat, chicken, eggs or fish, so the diet has to have more proteins added to it. The most nutrient which is consumed in my diet is the carbohydrates, in which it has: Rice, fried potatoes, cheese, roti (I think it is considered carbohydrates) and bread. I think it is a little bit balanced because from each nutrient it has an amount each day, it doesn’t contain a lot but that doesn’t mean that it is balanced. I think what should change is actually the time more than anything else, because it is too late specially if I will not do any kind of sports or finesses so it will take more time to digest, time for breakfast should be maximum t 8:30 AM, for lunch 2:30 PM is perfect and for dinner about 9:00 PM is good too. For the portions carbohydrates’ portion should be a little less and the protein should increase a little bit but not so much.

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