Who is Sally?

Sally is a 23 years old student who is in her final year of studies of Event management. She has also been recently employed as a model for a small retail company. Sally was a little overweight when she was in school and was often bullied for this. She has been this size since she was 18. Sally knows that she is anorexic and often tires very quickly when she is busy. She currently does not exercise much, as she has little energy after studying. Sally does not have many friends but enjoys socialising on social websites (Facebook, twitter, instagram). When she was in school, she enjoyed gymnastics and was in the schools trampoline team. However she stopped this when she was being bullied.Sally lives in student accommodation. She feels she is too busy to socialise because of her studying and modeling. She is invited to many events but always makes an excuse not to attend. Her weigh in for modeling is every Saturday morning.

Action plan for her to be better

Why is she anorexic? What lifestyle choices could she change? How would exercise benefit her? What are the implications of her being anorexic on her health? She is anorexic because her lifestyle choices are not healthy, she eats really small quantities of food and when she eats them she doesn't eat healthy food that makes her body a little healthier. She is doing this because of her modeling job that she has to be so thin, however, it is so unhealthy for her body. She needs to change her diet plan. Firstly, skipping meals. She skips so many meals, and the most important ones, which makes her with less energy and an unhealthy body. The exercises will benefit her in which it will give her a healthier body, but before exercises she needs to eat something that can be burnt so she can get energy to actually exercise. The Implications are that she will face are: Abnormally slow heart rate and low blood pressure, which means that the heart muscle is changing. The risk for heart failure rises as the heart rate and blood pressure levels sink lower and lower. it will also cause her muscle to get loss and weak.

Health screening is:
Athlete used is:
Balanced diet:
Mental Illness:
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Day of the week Breeakfast Lunch Dinner
Monday 1 Sandwhich with fresh orange juice and a fruit 1 Plate of pasta with tomato sauce Homemade Fried chicken sandwhich and a fresh juice with a bar of chocolate
Tuesday 2 sausages, 1 egg and bread Salad and a fresh juice Cooked Beef with pasta and a fruit salad
Wednsday Egg with bread and salad Fruit Salad and a wrap sandwhich Cooked fish with salad and ice-cream
Thursday 1 boiled egg and 1 ham sandwhich 1 Tuna sandwich with mashed potatoes Pizza with vegetables and pepperoni. Orange juice
Friday Cheese sandwich and 1 fruit Fresh juice and ham sandwich Shrimp with rice and cooked vegetables
Saturday 2 Eggs and 1 homemade blueberry cupcake Yogurt and a sald Pasta with vegetables and a fruit salad
Sunday Fruit salad, yogurt and a cheese sandwhich Fried chicken sandwich Cooked corn and Cooked beef with fresh juice